Aspasians is a volunteer group of 35 women who live in Rockwall County that dedicate their time and talents to the service of others. Since 1972,  the ladies of Aspasians have worn their traditional navy blue aprons to host Aspasians Marketplace, which supports local businesses and raises funds for college scholarships.


We unite congenial young women throughout the community for the purpose of friendship and service to others.  As an organization, we recognize and aid individuals in our community through philanthropic projects.  The bond of women in Aspasians is strong as we strive to create an atmosphere of social belonging and life-long friendships.




President: Ashley Farha

First Vice-President: Programs: Erica Easley

Second Vice-President: Membership: Lauren Wheeler

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: Caitlin Coppler

Parliamentarian: Kendra Nottingham

Scholarship Treasurer: Shanan Richard

Marketplace Chair: Leslie Coppler



Scholarship: April Hogan

Social: Noelle Fontes

Marketplace Vice Chairperson: Megan Patterson

Marketplace Advisor: Lacie McDowell

Directory: Lauren Wheeler/Ashley Farha

Publicity: Ashley Cornwell

Hospitality: Amanda Davis

Website:  Megan Patterson

Philanthropy: Candace Gillespie

Associate Liaison: Jerolyn Finnell



Sonya Anders- 2020

Natalie Banuelos - 2018

Caitlin Coppler- 2021

Leslie Coppler- 2020

Ashley Cornwell- 2021

Amanda Davis- 2021

Whitney Dugan - 2019 

Erica Easley- 2020

Ashley Farha - 2018

Jerolyn Finnell - 2000

Noelle Fontes- 2021

Barb Fowler - 2015

Candace Gillespie- 2022

Rain Heitshusen- 2021

Amanda Hill- 2020

April Hogan- 2021

Allie Hunter- 2022

Danielle Johnson - 2019

Melaney Loar - 2016

Kendra Nottingham - 2016

Katy Pope - 2014

Lacie McDowell- 2020

Taran Meyers- 2021

Connie Odich- 2022

Sarine Ourfalian- 2021

Megan Patterson- 2021

Shanan Richard- 2021

Susan Seibert - 2018

Lindsey Spraggins - 2014

Stacy Welch- 2022

Lauren Wheeler- 2021

Lucille Bell

Debrah Berger

Margie Chung

Kim Craddock

Allison Deen

April English

Nancy Goellner

Charla Granberry

Neely Holland

Lauren Hooper

Margie Hooper

Sharon Huston

Andrea Jones-Henderson

Jenni Knox

Bridgette Koetter

Sheri Leeuw

Cindy Meyers

Beth Noe

Dell Osborn

Dee Pebworth

Holly Pullen

Jayme Reynolds

Erika Stephens

Heather Stevenson

Vickey Thompson

Carrie Varner

Lisa Frericks Ward

Cara Warren

Heather Webb

Kelly Webb

Denise Wheeler

Terri White 



1972-73 Marge Gaither

1973-74 Lucille Bell

1974-75 Linda Bullard

1975-76 Marion Miller

1976-77 Pam Carter

1977-78 Susie Kuhlman

1978-79 Marilyn Jones

1979-80 Gayle Albritton

1980-81 Claudia Anderson

1981-82 Sharon Morrow

1982-83 Pat Houser

1983-84 Ann Cain

1984-85 Teddi Cherry

1985-86 Harriett Lane

1986-87 Brenda Hamilton

1987-88 Shay Cronin

1988-89 Dianne Stoehr

1989-90 Shirley Womack

1990-91 Erika Crump

1991-92 Bobbie Fleming

1992-93 Carolyn Sidereas

1993-94 Mary Alice Roberts

1994-95 Sherry Sharp

1995-96 Nancy Goellner

1996-97 Kristina Weinberg

1997-98 Kim Iles

1998-99 Jay Thomas

1999-00 Amy Dwyer

2000-01 Margie Hooper

2001-02 Pam Jordan

2002-03 Pam Boswell

2003-04 Beverly Stovall

2004-05 Dell Osborn

2005-06 Debrah Berger

2006-07 Dee Ross

2007-08 Lisa Frericks

2008-09 Carrie Varner

2009-10 Terri White

2010-11 Charla Granberry

2011-12 Jenni Knox

2012-13 Lora Schmitt

2013-14 Jayme Reynolds

2014-15 Neely Holland

2015-16 Cara Warren

2016-17 Andrea Jones-Henderson

2017-18 Brigette Koetter

2018-19 Heather Stevenson

2019-20 Lindsey Spraggins

2020-21 Melaney Loar

2021-22 Kendra Nottingham